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One to One Sessions with a personal trainer offer everything you need to achieve your goals. No matter what stage you are at or your goals, personal training can ensure you maintain motivation which is absolutely vital for long term success. It also offers direction and perhaps most importantly you will experience results which speak for themselves; it’s not just about learning to use equipment.
A personal trainer can advise on nutrition, counselling, flexibility and sport specific training. More importantly the concept of “personal training” is exactly that; it is always tailored to suit your individual needs.

What I Provide
Safe, effective, interesting, fun and progressive sessions that will help you achieve your goals with renewed excitement about exercising!
Exceptional customer service; continued contact with me outside of our Personal Training sessions. By email, text or a quick call I’m on hand (when I’m not with a client!) to help you.
Bespoke nutrition advice to assist in weight loss or just to help you eat healthier. Easy to follow and light meals that keep you full and taste great!
Develop a programme of exercises for you to complete on your own, either at home, outside or in a gym. This will improve your knowledge to exercise effectively on your own and develop strategies to improve your motivation to exercise.

What Do Sessions Look Like?
Improving Fitness (walking, running, cycling, swimming, Boxercise)
Toning (using bodyweight, resistance cords, sandbags, body bars and much more!)
Pilates and Yoga style workouts for improved core strength and flexibility
Bootcamp style workouts with some innovative pieces of equipment!
A combination of any of the above dependant on what you enjoy

Where Do We Train?

  • In your own home, inside or in your garden
  • At a local park
  • At a private personal training studio (additional charge)

Fitness Assessments
Having a fitness assessment completed before beginning personal training services is important for several reasons: 

  • Results indicate your current health and fitness level
  • I can use those results to determine a plan that achieves your goals
  • We can both use the data to measure your progress

Health Questionnaire

Complete the Online Health Questionnaire Right Now and I'll call to book your free Consultation