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onlineIf you are looking for fresh and inspiring workouts and you don’t lack motivation, an Online Personal Trainer could be for you.
It’s also a great solution for those whose budget cannot stretch to more regular Personal Training Sessions.

Following completion of your initial health questionnaire I will devise a personal fitness plan for you to follow. The time you follow the plan for is ultimately up to you. As a minimum I provide a plan for one month.
Whether it’s running, strength and conditioning or just some new ideas each week will be challenging, different and hopefully fun! Just like a Personal Training session should be!
The sessions can be of varying lengths to suit your lifestyle, not everyone has one hour to work out five days a week. Plus, there is plenty of research out there now that short, high intensity workouts give you great results. When you know what to do and how to do it, wink-wink!
Feedback on your plan will be weekly and ideally we will meet up once a month.