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Whether it’s for fun, getting to places or a lung busting workout you really can’t beat riding a bike.

You may be amongst the many people who never learnt to ride a bike or maybe you’ve been inspired to learn following the outstanding success of the Great Britain Cycling team. I will guide you all the way, from getting on and off your bike to safely making your way around town.

Returning to Cycling
Can you ride a bike but don’t feel confident in your ability? In a safe traffic free environment I’ll help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to ride to the local park or take a trip out into the countryside with your friends and family. If you’re thinking about riding your bike to work; I can help you.

Lack of Confidence Stopping You Riding Your Bike?

Whether you’ve been cycling for a while or returning to cycling, riding on the road can seem daunting. I’ll boost your confidence with the skills and techniques to ride safely in traffic. The training will be on quiet roads with some traffic, allowing you to increase your confidence.

Want To Commute to Work?
I will help you to find the quietest route and ride with you on the route. I can show you how to tackle busy roads and junctions with ease and confidence. I will also give you advice on the other important factors of commuting to work such as clothing, lights, bike maintenance, facilities at work and much more.

Cycling and Triathlon
As an experienced Triathlete I can help you improve or get started with the bike section of a Triathlon. There’s more to cycling than just pushing the pedals round. Bike fit, aerodynamics and technique all affect how fast you go.

The cycling section of a Triathlon is the longest of all three disciplines and therefore requires you to spend the most amount of time on your bike.

Understanding how to ride your bike efficiently after the swim and then being able to run well can pay huge dividends come race day. I can help you avoid most beginner mistakes!

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