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“Running is simple but it’s not easy!”

run triWith over 30 years’ experience I can take your running to the next level. Whether you are looking to run your first 5k or a marathon I can help you.

I’ve helped many clients go from saying they “can’t run” to asking me how to get faster and really enjoying running for the first time in their life.

Running is such a simple activity but it’s not easy. Many people struggle in the early stages of trying to become a runner.

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I can offer you all of the following services to get you to the start line injury free and ready to have a day you really won’t ever forget. One to one run sessions from novice to expect level

  • Running analysis by video to improve technique and avoid injury
  • Structured running training plans (5k to marathon) to build your speed and endurance
  • Track training sessions
  • Core and strength conditioning
  • Flexibility
  • Advice on nutrition and hydration for training and racing

This list is an example of the ways I’ve helped clients get the most out of their running. It’s not exhaustive so please feel free to ask me for help with other elements of your running.

If you are a member of a running club and you would like to run a seminar on improving technique, strength and conditioning specific workouts for you, please do get in touch with me