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pilatesSometimes we want a quieter and more internally focused session and that’s why I offer my clients the option to have Pilates and yoga elements to their workouts.

I give pretty much all my clients some form of Pilates exercise whether they are returning from surgery or they are a competitive athlete. That’s the beauty of Pilates, there is something for everyone. You will be very surprised by just how tough these sessions can be!

You don’t need any fancy equipment, just some space and the ability to give your best in the sessions.

Fitness Pilates and Yoga are challenging yet safe exercises that promotes a balanced body, a longer, leaner, toned shape, superb posture, a flat stomach, a strong back, increased mobility and flexibility.

It also increases strength and endurance, improves balance and co-ordination, all without producing over developed muscles.

There are very good reasons why Pilates and Yoga are recommended by most medical practitioners.