Fat Loss

The first thing to say about losing fat is it does not happen quickly.
You will read in magazines about fat busting regimes but do they ever say what the persons’ body fat % went from and to and how long it took them to reach their ideal body fat %? The answer is usually NO!

There are plenty of myths about losing fat, the most common is that doing lots of low intensity running/cycling/waking is the best way to lose fat. It’s one way but it’s not the quickest or the most efficient and it has to be done alongside consistent healthy eating.

The most important aspect of Fat Loss is creating a calorie deficit. If you are struggling to lose weight right now this should be your primary focus. Once you are consistently losing some weight/body fat you can work on improving the quality of what you eat.

To improve the body’s ability to burn off some of that excess fat we may need to change how you exercise.

Intensity is one way to do that. I put an appropriate amount of intensity into every workout my clients do. I can monitor how they are coping and make it harder or easier depending on how they respond at the time

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Anita tailors an exercise programme individually for me but it progresses and does not feel repetitious. – Jessica, Oxford

I am confident Anita can inspire anyone to embrace physical fitness, improve their health and make a difference to lifestyle in a fun and very personable way. – Donna R, Oxford

If you’re hesitating in the slightest my advice would be to go for it – don’t bother looking elsewhere - you won’t regret the time you spend with Anita – Jo, Headington