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“Exercise is King. Nutrition is Queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom” - Jack Lalanne

NUTRITION1Nutritional advice and menu planning to help you get healthier for the long term. You need to have a balance of the right amount of exercise and the right amount of food to get the best results.
Whether you want to lose weight or just improve the quality of your current diet I can help you make improvements to get the results you desire.
Some clients need support removing old habits with advice to make those changes as painless as possible. I always recommend a consistent exercise programme. You don't need to workout for hours a week to feel good, honestly less can be more! 

There are no faddy diets, no going without major food groups and we’ll talk about how to include your favourite foods. If you need some new inspiration then I’ll share with you some of my favourite easy to follow healthy alternatives to classic dishes like risotto, lasagne and even how to make your Sunday roast a little healthier.
You’ll feel fuller for longer and eat meals that really taste great!

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