Rehabilitation and Pre & Post Natal

TriNeet Fitness can provide services for Injury Rehabilitation and Pre and Post Natal fitness.

Do you feel that an old or recent injury or the arrival of a new baby is preventing you from exercising and being healthy? Exercise can improve worrying aches and pains, joints with poor range of movement and a body that is recovering from illness, operations or a new baby.

Whether it’s a reactivation programme, balance, progressive reloading or an injury which requires aftercare conditioning TriNeet Fitness can safely get you back to feeling confident and strong.

TriNeet Fitness will work closely with you to determine your particular rehabilitation or pre and post natal requirements, in close contact with any health care professional that you may be under the care of. Together we will plan and work on a health and fitness programme that will allow educated, safe and effective exercises so you can quickly regain your happy and functional body.

Pregnancy is the ideal time to start moving, you will never read a baby manual that says moderate activities like walking are bad for you and your baby, even if you were previously sedentary.
We know how difficult it can be to juggle the demands of a new baby with a post-pregnancy exercise programme, which is why a personal trainer visiting your home is such a good solution.
A personal trainer can contribute significantly and uniquely to your recovery and rehabilitation.

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Anita tailors an exercise programme individually for me but it progresses and does not feel repetitious. – Jessica, Oxford

I am confident Anita can inspire anyone to embrace physical fitness, improve their health and make a difference to lifestyle in a fun and very personable way. – Donna R, Oxford

If you’re hesitating in the slightest my advice would be to go for it – don’t bother looking elsewhere - you won’t regret the time you spend with Anita – Jo, Headington