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Health is Wealth – It’s never too late to change your habits, and we can all improve our health by making better choices. By establishing a healthy lifestyle you’ll reap the benefits both in the short term and long into the future.

Exercise is a fantastic means to de-stress ourselves along with keeping us fresh and ready for the rigours of modern life.

TriNeet Fitness has been guiding people over the years, giving expert advice and supporting clients in making better choices across a broad range of areas to improve wellbeing.

For a lot of people exercise can be a chore, something they endure because they want to feel healthy, stay slim or both but they can’t honestly say they really enjoy it. The temptation to find excuses to postpone, cut short or miss workouts altogether is very high when we don’t enjoy something. TriNeet Fitness will design and guide you through a personalised training plan that’s customised to you and your lifestyle, helping you overcome whatever barriers have held you back in the past.

Busy lives often mean it’s a challenge to find the time to exercise. Our capability includes all the support and knowledge you need to commit to find time for regular exercise and to undertake a training programme specific to your needs and constraints.

Another challenge is to resist the temptation to compromise on nutrition in the name of speed. We can help you discover that eating healthily and Weight Management doesn’t mean starving yourself or ignoring your taste buds. Many of our favourite dishes are both delicious and nutritious and there’s a wide range of healthy, tasty food you can rustle up in next to no time and on a budget that combined with an exercise programme can help achieve a fit body.

When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no “I’ll start tomorrow.” Tomorrow is disease. ~Terri Guillemets”



A personal training programme that fits in with you and your lifestyle.


No fad diets, no going without your favourite foods - honest! Feel great, look great, have more energy and stay healthy for life.


A vital element of fitness based lifestyle changes. I’ll be by your side on the journey, motivating, encouraging and helping you achieve the things you never thought you could!

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Anita tailors an exercise programme individually for me but it progresses and does not feel repetitious. – Jessica, Oxford

I am confident Anita can inspire anyone to embrace physical fitness, improve their health and make a difference to lifestyle in a fun and very personable way. – Donna R, Oxford

If you’re hesitating in the slightest my advice would be to go for it – don’t bother looking elsewhere - you won’t regret the time you spend with Anita – Jo, Headington